VS Code Tips -Code Selection and Editing (Windows only)

       1. In Vs-code to select single line HTML or JavaScript Code press

    • shift +arrow (up)

       2. After select the line of code you can move the code up and down and place the code where you want by selecting

    • alt+arrow(up-down)

       3.If you want to copy the line of code and past select

    • shift+alt+ arrow(down)

        4.Suppose if you want to select something like all the word “Hello” from your 1000 line code in one click very easy,keep pressing below   command it will find all the same words for you from your infinity code.

    • Ctrl+D

5.To select hole line of code press

    • alt+shift+arrow(right)

or you can choose another method which is more tidy for me.So the extension name is

“Better line select”

from Kai Wood,search and  download the extension from extensions in VS Code editor  .It’s very handy and time affordable. What it does !

If you select

    • Ctrl+l

it will select hole line code from the start of line in a single click  and put the courser on the next line 🤨cool right !! and  if you  keep pressing Ctrl+l  it will select all the line consistently.

6.We are end of our tutorial the final and last command we discusses about  move the code. We know code indentation is very important it helps the reader to read the code with ease.But if some how your  code brakes and  not in good  shape you can move your code  block by block.Press  Ctrl+[ for ( move front) press  Ctrl+]
for move back .